Helping Hand

What We Do

A primary barrier for Emergency Workers accessing mental healthcare lies in finding a clinician that adequately understands their unique world and stressors. This common reality has led to many turning away from seeking help and reinforces the belief that outsiders do not understand our world.

What Makes Us Unique

At First Responder Health, we believe that mental health professionals need further training if they are to adequately assist Emergency Workers. This training didn't exist anywhere, so we developed it. 

First Responder Health provides a variety of innovative mental healthcare services for Emergency Workers by utilizing our network of Occupationally Aware Clinicians.

Take a step towards personal health and wellness.

Upstream Behavioural Healthcare

We believe in promoting positive mental health through lifestyle balance and personal wellness. While our clinicians are trained to treat serious mental health challenges, our primary focus is assisting Emergency Workers prior to the emergence of serious psychological disorders that put life and work at a standstill. 

We apply evidence-based treatment services that build on the strength and resiliency of any client – from police officer to paramedic to any Emergency Workers family member. By accessing our services, clients take an important step towards building personal health and wellbeing.  

Anytime. Anywhere.


Emergency Workers work a variety of complex shift rotations which can make reaching out for support difficult.

We make it easy and convenient by bringing our clinicians to you utilizing our secure telemedicine platform. No need for you or your family members to leave the comfort of your own home or community.

What Sets Us Apart?  

Our clinicians are handpicked from a growing network of over 250 who have completed our 2-day Occupational Awareness Training: Treating First Responder Trauma Program®. This two-day program is an entry point to working with Emergency Workers and compliments the advanced training that all of our clinicians have received and is recognized by a growing number of Emergency Worker organizations.

Our seasoned team of counselling professionals possesses a minimum master's level of training, are fully insured and in good standing with a recognized professional counselling body.

We Compliment Other Services!

The services offered through First Responder Health are complimentary to the work of existing mental health providers including employee assistance programs and other extended healthcare resources. Our clinicians are trained within a continuum of care model that promotes collaboration with a variety of stakeholders to reduce the duration and intensity of psychological barriers facing Emergency Workers.