Introducing our First Responder Wellness Program

Members across all public safety professions experience unique job-related stressors that negatively impact the mental health and well-being of many individuals. Despite the best efforts of employers, nearly half of all Public Safety Personnel in Canada struggle with symptoms consistent with one or more psychological disorder. This national crisis is partially due to the inability of traditional Employee Assistance Programs to offer culturally competent healthcare services for this deserving demographic. Our innovative First Responder Wellness Program sets out to change this.

How are we unique?

1. Collaboration and Transparency.

We work with multiple stakeholders to maximize participation at all stages of program development and implementation.

2. Members choose their own therapist.

We empower individual choice through publishing the names and biographies of our program clinicians.

3. Don’t like your therapist?

No problem. Our clinicians dont take it personal. They know finding a therapist is a personal decision.

4. We provide a confidential concierge service.

This service pairs the individual with a therapist based on specific need.

5. Bypass the waitlist.

We provide public safety personnel with streamlined access to our network clinicians.


6. Don’t want to commute to therapy?

Access our network of clinicians through our encrypted telemedicine platform from the comfort of your own home. Anytime, Anywhere.

7. Annual wellness checks.

We provide our clients with mental health check-ins to customize individual healthcare plans.

8. On-going, user-friendly psychoeducational training.

We provide our clients customized online psychoeducational programs that keep upstream mental healthcare conversations going.

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist all employees within a public safety organization to feel supported while inspiring a proactive approach to individual mental healthcare. Our upstream support services prevent the onset of debilitating psychological challenges and leads to more effective treatment outcomes. Our services foster inclusivity across a membership and ultimately work towards limiting time loss due to mental health challenges which benefits all stakeholders.

Inclusive. Private. Secure. Flexible. Accessible.

How Does Our First Responder Wellness Program Work?

The First Responder Wellness Program is a customizable mental health service that integrates annual wellness check-ins with remote on-shift psychoeducational training and ongoing access to our exclusive network of Occupationally Aware Clinicians. All our program clinicians have completed our patented training program and are endorsed through the BC Professional Firefighters’ Association.

Why go with a First Responder Employee Wellness Program?

Standardized, Recognized Best Practice. First Responder Health Services works in collaboration with a consortium of stakeholders to ensure our program meets the most stringent ethical standards. All aspects of our programs are implemented by qualified professionals who have on-going access to an extensive network of professionals.

Complete Transparency

Unlike traditional Employee Assistance Programs, we publish the names of our clinicians. Each of our clinicians have agreed to provide services in a fashion that is determined to be best practices within a public safety organization. User-friendly, accessible., efficient.

What if an Employee Has No Time to Access our Clinician?

 First Responder Health Services has a fully customized and telemedicine app that can easily pair busy first responders with online appointments with their clinician. Our app is end-to-end encrypted and is PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant.

Contact us today to get started!

Our First Responder Wellness Program can be customized and implemented in a short period of time.