Clinician Training

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Let us help you bring your expertise to first responders by attending one of our patented Occupational Awareness Training for Therapists: Understanding First Responder Trauma courses.


  • Enhance your ability to connect with First Responders and their family.

  • Increase your understanding of public safety organization workplaces. 

  • Gain continuing education credits.

  • Our course is recognized by a number of first responder organizations.

Level 1 Course Details

Who Should Take this Course? This course is designed for any mental health professional interested in expanding their skill set in treating fire fighters within a clinical setting. While this course has been designed with fire fighters in mind, much of the course content may be helpful for clinicians working with other first responder professions, which may include police officers, paramedics, dispatchers and corrections staff.

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Level 2 Speakers

Duncan Shields, Ph.D., Clinical Lead, The BC Fire Fighter Resiliency Program
David Kuhl, M.D., Men’s Health Research at UBC
Nicole Marcia, MA, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator
Ross Laird, Ph.D., Author, Clinical Consultant and Educator
Megan McElheran, Ph.D. Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Clinic Lead
Mark Davies, Ph.D. Paramedic Resiliency Program Lead
Art Wlodyka, M.A., Police Officer and Mental Health Clinician
Matt Johnston, M.Ed., Fire Fighter and Mental Health Clinician
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Author, Hardwiring Happiness & Buddha’s Brain

Here is What Clinicians Have Had to Say:

“The entire two days was captivating. Never a dull moment, and I have been to many training events. Trust me, this one was the best by far.”

“Valuable insights into relationship-building, establishing trust and approaching the issue of trauma with firefighters.”

“Wonderfully presented, deeply personal, informative, and content rich. Fantastic training connecting counselling therapists with the culture and context of First Responders.”